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Instructor School 012 Recap - Broomfield, CO


"Instructor School" is what we call the YFFR instructor training program. Those who attend are interested in learning the YFFR Protocol through an intensive 3 or 6-day training, becoming certified as a YFFR Instructor, and delivering YFFR classes back in their own first responder departments or communities. This round of training, which was held September 21-23 in Broomfield, CO, was YFFR's 12th class of trainees.

Training during covid

Due to covid, most of our Instructor Schools which were lined up for 2020 were cancelled or postponed until 2021; Fortunately, we were able to hold Instructor School 012 at the Broomfield Police Department Detention Center and Training Facility. Because of local rules and regulations, our small group size was permitted to gather so long as we followed certain regulations such as wearing masks at all times.

"Turns out, practicing yoga in a mask heightens the awareness of breath as well as mental outlook on the challenge at hand. We embraced it!" - Sara Mills, YFFR Chief Training Officer

Class 012

YFFR welcomed 30 new trainees into the family this week, all on their way to becoming certified instructors and bringing YFFR to more uniformed personnel across the country.

Thank you Broomfield, CO Police Department for being fantastic hosts! We had many trainees from Colorado and we know that this will soon be a flagship state for YFFR.

Instructor School 012 came with an extra challenge as we conducted training implementing all covid precautions including all trainees and trainers wearing masks! As with everything at YFFR, we made this challenge a training tool to build resilience.

This strong, focused, and dedicated group dove into the YFFR Protocol and worked hard, receiving 30 hours of training which included:

  • 5 yoga classes

  • 6 practice teaching sessions

  • Education on fire and law enforcement culture

  • Neurobiology and science of trauma

  • Science and history of yoga

  • YFFR Protocol and methodology

  • and much more

our trainees included:

  • A dispatcher who had never done yoga before and thought she was signing up for a beginner yoga workshop only to leave training saying she now will be doing yoga daily and excited to offer it to others.

  • A firefighter who went directly back to work after 30 hours of training.

  • A police detective who has followed YFFR for several years now and finally got to training

  • A new yoga teacher whose husband is a firefighter

  • The head of a tactical team

  • and that’s just to name a few!

Sun Salutations

We also had a special surprise from the company Sun Salutations. Sun Salutations makes yoga greeting cards that celebrate the diversity of the yoga community. One of their greeting cards features our very own Eric Brenneman, YFFR's CFO and Fire Service Advisor, rocking a side plank in full firefighting bunker gear!

Sun Salutations donates a portion of proceeds to non-profits, and this year, one of those non-profits is YFFR. So be sure to stock up for the holidays!

Are you Interested in attending a YFFR Instructor School?

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Are you a department interested in hosting YFFR in your facility?

Please email for more info.

Don't wait to train with YFFR, join us online and practice alongside us with the YFFR Cyber Academy:

Access the YFFR Cyber Academy online training tool and app on all of your favorite devices. This powerful tool is now right in your pocket and can be used anywhere, anytime you need it. Available on Apple, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.


We can't wait to hold more Instructor Schools in 2021! *fingers crossed*

- The YFFR Team

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