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What Makes Us Different

Yoga For First Responders (YFFR) developed a unique Protocol for teaching yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction training to first responders that is based on traditional Hatha yoga along with principles from Trauma-Informed Yoga. YFFR differs from "regular yoga" or a community yoga gym or studio for the following reasons:


  • YFFR has an official Protocol that all of Teachers are trained in and use that is safe, consistent, practical and effective

  • YFFR Protocol is job-specific and culturally informed for public safety

  • YFFR works under Service Agreements for the purposes of quality control, tracking mission and sustainable programming

  • YFFR manages Teachers with Teacher Agreements for consistent delivery of training methodology

  • YFFR has structured curriculum for academies, in-service training, critical incident stress management, peer support as well as open department classes

  • YFFR works with department budgets to make our program available to any size department

  • YFFR does not require experience in yoga to attend any of our trainings, let us be your first yoga teacher!

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