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Recruit Academies

YFFR’s official and structured training curriculum for recruit training academies. The curriculum follows building blocks of learning and provides:

  • teacher’s notes

  • drill sheets

  • recruit debrief (digital handouts)

  • supplemental videos

  • evaluation/test


YFFR Academy Curriculum provides the most comprehensive material available for training a proactive skill set for processing stress, building resilience and enhancing job performance. YFFR Academy Curriculum supports the other subjects and skills recruits are learning to enhance their entire experience of first responder mental health training.

YFFR Academy Curriculum is developed for:

  • Police Academy

  • Fire Academy

  • Dispatch/911

  • Jail-based Law Enforcement (in development)

  • Collegiate curriculum for paramedic, fire science, criminal justice

What people are saying

“The ability to handle stress and difficult situations through breathing is incredibly helpful in a highly stressful profession that can take its toll on the emotional and psychological health of a first responder.” 

-Denver Public Safety Participant

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