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Conference Presentation/Speaking Engagements/Special Events

YFFR lectures and demos have been presented at major law enforcement, fire service and telecommunication conferences and trade shows around the country.


These presentations educate on the intention of yoga training, dispel misconception about yoga, basic understanding of the nervous systems and the manifestations of stress and trauma, a down to earth introduction to mindfulness and resilience, CISM training for first responders, and educate on the techniques of YFFR specifically and how these techniques develop the well-rounded, elite and survivable responder to have optimal levels of performance when the pressure is on.

YFFR speaking presentations can be used for:

  • Trade conferences and conventions

  • Peer Support groups

  • Leadership retreats

  • Wellness events

  • Corporate learning events

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Yoga Teacher Training

  • Podcasts

  • Blogs

Where to see us next

Schedule subject to change. Please check conference websites for the most up to date information.

Video Tactical Tip Yoga for First Responders
First Responders Attend Twin Falls' First Mental Health

What people are saying

"Amazing course! I had no idea the science that goes along with yoga. I’m intrigued. This training was geared towards first responders, which included helping alleviate stress, calming down after calls, and helping to achieve overall mindfulness. I guess I’m in love with yoga now!"

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