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TRAININGS & Programs

Yoga For First Responders offers several training models including Instructor School, In-Service Training, Department Yoga Programs, and more. If you are looking to teach or to be taught Yoga For First Responders, find a YFFR Training or Program that works best for you below.

Designed for Your Organization:

Yoga For First Responders ensures successful, long-term and sustainable programming designed to fit any agency’s needs - no matter the schedule or environment. We use Service Agreements to outline your tailored programming and track your satisfaction. We operate as a non-profit organization and we understand budgets can be limited. Our goal is to make YFFR programming accessible to all departments regardless of budget challenges.  Please contact us to discuss options available.

*Costs vary - please contact us to find out more.

Intention and Impact:

INTENTION: Each agency or department program has a Service Agreement outlining program details. Each of our certified instructors operates with contracts in place outlining clear ground rules, and expectations. This is how we create consistency in our mental health services for first responders and track programs in place across the country.


IMPACT: For each service contract in place with a department or agency, we schedule periodic after-action calls and use evaluations to monitor quality and effectiveness. Instructors use roll call reports after each class to track impact. This is how we protect our reputation and measure our impact across the country.


Instructor school

Learn YFFR’s unique and effective Protocol for yourself and how to deliver it to your local first responders and military.


In-Service Training

YFFR in-service training has been used by departments and agencies to fulfill ongoing training requirements.


Training Demo Workshop

Tailored Training Demos are great for agencies or departments evaluating how to officially implement a YFFR program.


Recruit Academies

Official training curriculum for recruit training academies. A YFFR certified Instructor provides consistent, structured, rigorous academy-style classes.


Department Programs

Official training curriculum for active members of fire, police, jail-based law-enforcement, EMS, or dispatch departments.



YFFR certified Instructors represent YFFR at events to provide a culturally informed, job-specific introduction to yoga, mindfulness and resilience, making it clear how YFFR Protocol trains well-rounded, elite and survivable responders who operate at optimal levels of performance when the pressure is on.

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