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Mission | Vision | Values

Our Mission


To provide first responders and military personnel with traditional yoga and stress resillience training that is culturally informed and job specific for the purposes of effectively processing stress, building resilience, and enhancing performance.

our vision


First responders and military personnel are supported, protected, and prepared through YFFR protocol.

Core Value #1


Yoga for First Responders® is rooted in the fundamental components of yoga and mindfulness techniques as tools for the management of stress and the enhancement of resiliency. Yoga For First Responders® remains transparent as an organization by working through Service and Instructor Agreements for clear understanding of scope of work, intellectual property, liability, and media efforts. By remaining integral to the above points, our trainings will always be comprehensive, our content will always be relevant, our programs will remain sustainable, and communication will remain clear.

Core Value #2


Our program respects the public safety and military community, culture and personality. Yoga for First Responders® supports the efforts of first responders and military while offering tools to mitigate the adverse effects of cumulative stress and vicarious traumatization that causes poor performance. We are not here to change ethics, morals or beliefs.


Yoga For First Responders® respects itself as a hard working organization that is always fueled by its mission as well as the understanding of what is required to run and sustain a Not-For-Profit organization. We will not compromise any of our core values, quality of our programs, or support of our team due to pressure, unreasonable requests, or bullying.

Core Value #3


Yoga For First Responders® Instructors will always be prepared. All participants who successfully complete our Instructor School will continue to be supported by our organization. The YFFR Instructor School will provide the tools they need to conduct YFFR yoga and stress resilience training programs for first responders or military personnel. Yoga for First Responders® will offer a fully accessible support system as Instructors gain experience. Through well­ prepared instructors, first responders will experience a new level of preparedness for their career.

Core Value #4


Our organization is family. Through the Squad Leader program, social media, newsletters and online digital toolkits, Instructors will receive updates, continuing education opportunities, resource support, and more. Yoga for First Responders’ executive team, instructors, students, and supporters will maintain a close knit group creating a strong foundation as the program builds.

Core Value #5


Our program is down to earth and pragmatic. Yoga for First Responders® values straightforward communication as we bring ancient techniques to practical applications. We use language and an attitude that creates a functional and easy­-to-access style of offering yoga in the 21st century.

Core Value #6


The Yoga For First Responders® program stays integral to its initial and unique system and values yet continues to evolve. Whether revising training material or pausing instruction when tones go off in the middle of class, the YFFR team will adjust to the ever-changing environment of a public safety department and make accommodations to successfully implement yoga and stress resillience training in environments where it has never been seen before.

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