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In-Service Training

YFFR In-Service Training consists of a briefing lecture in a classroom setting followed by an experiential yoga mat class where techniques are broken down and applied. YFFR In-Service Trainings are delivered to public safety agencies to fulfill mandated training requirements in areas such as:


  • mental health strategies for first responders

  • stress management

  • physical training

  • mental resilience

  • wellness

  • defensive tactics and firearms

  • peer support

  • SWAT (watch video)

Subject matter can include:

  • Introduction to Yoga For First Responders

  • Optimal Performance Under Pressure (including defensive tactics, firearms, decision making under stress, air conservation, using fine motor skills under stress, principles of resilience etc.)

  • YFFR for Families of First Responders

  • Effective Recovery

  • Principles of Resilience


In-Service Trainings vary in length, focus of subject matter and cost.

What people are saying

“YFFR is beneficial for law enforcement because it provides an additional tool in the toolbox. We can never have too many tools when it comes to coping with stress.”

-Denver Public Safety Participant

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