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Thursday Thoughts: ASP & YFFR

YFFR's Development Director, Brenna Vidal, was invited to attend ASP Inc. Instructor Certification (AIC). This advanced certification program is designed to acquaint participants with operational use of the ASP Tactical Baton, Tactical Restraints and Performance Flashlights. Successful completion of the AIC Program certifies that the individual officer has met a competency-based standard of knowledge, and has mastered performance skills.

This class traditionally targets training law enforcement officers as well as those who serve within the private sectors. At YFFR, we encourage our civilian instructors and team members to take all opportunities presented that allow them to step into the shoes of the First Responders and Military Personnel they support. This gives them one more tool to be able to understand the physical, mental, and emotional adversities when working on duty.

Brenna thoroughly enjoyed her time with ASP. "One of the biggest challenges was adapting to performing everyday tasks while wearing a duty belt, especially during defensive tactics and physical activities like running. Also, learning the levels of "use of force" was very interesting. I grew to appreciate the importance of de-escalation while having situational awareness when on a call and possibly in a heightened state."

Brenna Vidal PHILANTHROPY Director

Brenna is honored to serve as the Philanthropy Director for Yoga for First Responders. Her relationship to the organization dates back to 2018. Brenna is responsible for designing, implementing, and coordinating an organization-wide donor relations and stewardship system that consistently promotes interaction with and recognition of donors at all levels. This is a skill set that she has developed over time from her prior full-time work with international nonprofits. Brenna is a YFFR Level 2 Instructor in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Brenna’s motivation for supporting the mission of Yoga for First Responders comes in part from her familial ties to military and first responders. Most immediate; her brother is in the army, father is a retired marine, and husband is a firefighter. Brenna longs to understand the warrior mindset and pushes herself to train with any opportunity that is presented.

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