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Thanksgiving Activities for 2020

We'll all be so glad when hindsight is 2020, #amiright?!?

For now, take a look at this round-up of fun Thanksgiving activities for you to still make the most of the holiday this year.

Get Outdoors

For many, Thanksgiving marks the end of warm weather days. Get out and enjoy that cool, crisp Autumn air.

  • Take a walk

  • Play a game

  • Go on a family bike ride

  • Set up a backyard picnic

Light a fall-scented candle

Our sense of smell can truly transport us. Let yours take you away to fond memories of playing in leaf piles, eating grandma's pumpkin pie, or enjoying time with friends around the fireside.

Light a candle and enjoy the sweet Fall scent as you practice your breath work. Start with 3-Part Breath on the YFFR Cyber Academy.

Learn a Family-Favorite Recipe

Won't be seeing your family this year due to a certain icky prolonged pandemic that we won't mention here...? Try your hand at making one of your family's favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

You've got nothing to lose if it doesn't go as planned. You can always order take-out and your family will certainly appreciate the effort and probably have a grand time helping you!

Mix a Fall-inspired cocktail

Apple cider mimosas, anyone? We see a new tradition brewing for many Thanksgiving mornings to come! Check out Pinterest or Google for plenty of fall-inspired cocktails or mocktails. Clink glasses and remember all you still have to be grateful for this year.

Watch the Macy's Parade

That's right - It's still on, folks! Yes, it will look a lot different this year, but we can all still tune-in to a very special broadcast of the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ahh, a little taste of normalcy.

Host a virtual party

By now you've probably been bombarded with information from all of the different virtual platform options - Zoom, Google Hangouts, and the lot. Pick your family's favorite (i.e. the one everyone can get on with close to no tech issues!) and send out an invite for your own virtual Thanksgiving!

  • Say what you're thankful for this year

  • Discuss your favorite Thanksgivings past

  • Listen to what Thanksgiving was like when grandma was young

  • Take turns reading a short poem or story

  • Play a virtual game - Google it, there are a lot out there!

  • "Cheers!" to what will soon be the end of 2020 and hopefully a better year to come!

There's still time to plan - so make your grocery list and send out that virtual invite so you can make the most of this 2020 Thanksgiving even with "all of this" going on.