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Team Member Spotlight: Jamie

Welcome to our our Team Member Spotlights! Our team has been changing and growing this past year, which is why we wanted to re-introduce our team members to you, and give you a closer look at who's behind the wheel here at YFFR. We hope you enjoy this monthly blog series.

Title: Executive Assistant


I share a brain with Olivia,

absorbing the work-balance requirements that she may not be great at or feel comfortable with, like protecting her personal time, saying "no" on her behalf, and keeping her schedule organized such that she just needs to show up and do what her calendar says. I filter emails and take on tasks that may otherwise be time-drains for the CEO.


I'm a Kentucky girl with a bit of the charm, most of the sass, and yes - I like a good bourbon. I've lived several lives in this one lifetime, but everything I have ever done was because I have a servant's heart. I have worked every job imaginable from scrubbing toilets to selling diamonds.

Working with an organization geared directly toward helping the helpers speaks to my truest instinct to serve.

My humans are Ty (betrothed), Sloane (my empath twin), Tallulah (the old soul), and Townes (the hilarious rascal). But Bogart the Aussiedoodle became my emotional support pal during the quarantine, so he's my #1 very good boy.


Do you consider yourself a "Yogi"?

I've practiced and studied yoga in many different forms since 1999 as well as acquired my RYT-200, but I don't believe that makes me a yogi - I'm more a really, really big fan of yoga. And if I was a true yogi, I think they'd strip me of the honor if I boasted about it.


I think I'm different from most of my teammates in that I do not have many connections to EMS/fire/police/veteran community; what I do have is a desire to get the essential tools needed to process stress more and more readily over time that YFFR offers to uniformed personnel.


10 Sounds (Neuro Reset)

I live in a house with 3 kids, a dog, and a husband who practices law from home. There's never NOT sounds! This mindfulness training uses the sounds around you to focus your mind and regulate your nervous system. (Click the image below to open up this practice in the YFFR Cyber Academy).


Something Unique About Me:

I carried a flag in a parade honoring the late Muhammad Ali (while he was still alive). Meeting the legendary activist and philanthropist was incredibly humbling.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Unpopular opinion: ice cream is gross. SHAVED ICE FOREVER!

Currently Watching:

Insecure, The Vow, & Big Brother


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jamie. Stay tuned for our next Team Member Spotlight in November.

- The YFFR Team

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