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Support El Paso Firefighters Through El Paso Giving Day October 8-15

We are in the midst of National Fire Prevention Week, October 4-10, with today being National Fire Prevention Day. What better way to promote fire safety than beginning with fire PREVENTION.

We love that word - prevention. What are WE focusing on preventing? High rates of Post Traumatic Stress, heart attack, suicide, sleep issues, and a multitude of other stress-based concerns that first responders are plagued with due to their high-stress jobs.

HOW do we plan to prevent these issues? By training first responders in ways of PREVENTION - except we give it another word - RESILIENCE.

Yoga was built for first responders.

The origin of yoga in the East was built for the warrior. It was practiced as a physical and mental discipline to train the mind and body in RESILIENCE. This is the traditional yoga that Yoga For First Responders® (YFFR) is rooted in.

YFFR trains first responders through the medium of yoga to be IN CONTROL of their mind, body, and nervous system in the moments that are truly life or death. And, to bring their nervous system back to normal so they can enjoy a full and fulfilling life outside of the job.

El Paso firefighters need us now more than ever and we are asking you to help answer their call.

Through El Paso Giving Day, YFFR aims to raise $52,800 for the purpose of giving every member of the El Paso Fire Department (43 fire stations) a full year of our online training tool and app - the YFFR Cyber Academy.

5 Years of Giving

El Paso Giving Day is an online charitable giving campaign designed to ignite the spirit of giving to support causes in the community where we live, work and play. Founded in 2016 by the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, El Paso Giving Day has raised nearly $4 million from thousands of donors for over 200 nonprofit organizations.



  • Donate 10/8 - 10/15: Double your donation! Walmart will match donations up to $10,000 per non-profit for gifts made online between 12am and 11:59pm MDT on Thursday, October 15, through until matching funds are met.

  • $50 = 1 Year: Contributing just $50 allows 1 El Paso first responder access to the YFFR Cyber Academy online training tool and app for a full year.

  • Like & Share our campaign on social media to help us spread the word and make more of an impact.

  • Join us LIVE on Facebook on October 15th for a few "Power Hour" donation windows. During each of these windows, YFFR is eligible to win an additional $1,000 towards our cause.

  • Help us win an additional $500 towards our cause: One eligible organization that receives an online donation from the farthest entity from El Paso, TX via IP address will win an additional $500 toward their cause.

  • Help us win an additional $500 towards our cause: One eligible organization that receives at least one online donation from each of the fifty states of the United States of America will win an additional $500 toward their cause.

Join Walmart, mark your calendar, and make twice the impact.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of El Paso firefighters.

- The YFFR Team

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