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Sheepdog Leadership Thought of the Month: Remembering D-Day

Updated: June 18th, 2021

I just wanted to send some thoughts on D-Day.

Let us NEVER FORGET those that sacrificed for us;

they not only SERVED before us; they SERVED FOR US!

I sent some photos of a Great Friend of mine, Ed 'Doc" Pepping. I met Doc

in 2008, and we kept in touch over the years until his passing in September

2018. He was a HERO. He was an original Band of Brothers assigned to 101st

Airborne Division, Easy Company, 506th PIR as a Medic, aka "The Band Aid


Doc's first and only combat jump was on D-Day with Operation Neptune.

When he landed, he suffered three cracked vertebrae, all the while going in

and out of consciousness was still rendering aid to those who needed it. He

received the Bronze Star for his heroic actions during the war.

He was a part of the GREATEST Generation.

I was proud to serve with 101st Airborne Division, 2nd Battalion, 327th

Infantry Regiment, Task Force No Slack in Afghanistan in 2010-2011. When I

returned home, I called "Doc" and told him how rough my deployment had

been. His response to me, "What did you expect, a Vacation!" That made me

smile. He provided me a much needed perspective on leadership.

He told me:

"A Leader is someone who doesn't fit in. He or she asks the tough

questions and makes the tough decisions. He or she is always thinking

about the future and the best interest of the people. He or she isn't

always liked, but they aren't there just for the position or popularity. It

is in their HEART!"

Sheepdogs need to prepare and develop our NEXT GREATEST Generation of


The wolf is just waiting at the door; watching and waiting for us

to become complacent. The Sheep train until they get it right; the

SHEEPDOG trains until they can't get it wrong!

Enjoy the D-Day Letter from Colonel Sink and photos! Doc would add his own

photos and, patches, letters to the Band of Brothers book, written by