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Reflecting On Honor

Updated: August 31st, 2021

This week I have been reflecting on "HONOR"

I'm sure most of you have seen the news, that 11 Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman were killed in Afghanistan.


A lot of emotions going on over there, and for the many that have served in Afghanistan. Many of us, old Sheepdogs, have been over there countless times since 2001. We need to continue to be there for each other.

Thanks to the Teammates that have reached out to one another. Like many, I have Afghan battle buddies that I served with and think and pray for their safety. We have a great Military & Family Life Counselor that talks about the "5 Stages of Grief", and an Afghan friend of mine, CSM Nasar Ahmad Watandost, summed it up best:

"No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen, but I can reassure you whatever you have conquered, it shines through your mind. When you experience loss, people say you'll move through the 5 stages of grief; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. What they don't tell you; is that you'll cycle through them all every day."

CSM Watandost has been serving honorably alongside U.S. Troops since he was 10 years old (2001) alongside with his father (a Colonel in Afghanistan). His father was shot 18 times and killed. Young Nasar dragged his father for 2 km through a river. He is a fighter and proud of his country and proud of his service with the U.S. "Shana Ba Shana" which means "Shoulders by Shoulders".

Many of us have stories, and I'd love to hear them all. It helps to talk about them. I am here for all of you. You all have served and continue to serve with HONOR.

To put things into perspective; suddenly pony tails and ball caps in uniform do not seem like such a big deal! :)

Let's HONOR those HEORES lost this week with 100 Memorial push-ups!

Honored to serve with all of you!

HooYah! NFQ!

Chief JC

"There are wolves, there are sheep, I am the SHEEPDOG!"

Written by YFFR Military Advisor CMSgt John “JC” Chacon

CMSgt John “JC” Chacon believes in the vision and mission of Yoga For First Responders, as it helps modern day “Warriors” and “Guardians” get through the darkest of times. Chief Chacon has served in the military for 25+ years and has deployed all around the globe, including a combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2010-2011; that is when he lost comrades that were killed in action. In 2014/2015, he battled with depression because of trying to cope with survivor’s remorse, and ever since then he has lived by the motto, “There are wolves, there are sheep, I am the SHEEPDOG!" JC lives to confront the wolf and protect the flock. The wolf comes in many forms, such as the enemy; however, the wolf is also disguised through depression and anxiety. JC is honored to serve with other Sheepdogs that have the courage to share their skills in mindfulness techniques through Yoga skills and meditation.

CMSgt Chacon is currently the Operations Chief for the 18th Civil Engineer Squadron at Kadena Air Base; Okinawa, Japan. Chief Chacon holds a Master of Science Degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and 3 Associate in Applied Science Degrees from the Community College of the Air Force.

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