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On Air Episode 011: Does Online Training Actually Work?

Updated: Feb 8

In this episode, Olivia and Eric explore a topic close to our hearts - the challenges and dynamics of online yoga training compared to traditional in-person classes. They vividly paint the picture of the energetic and interactive nature of in-person teaching, where the teacher-student dialogue creates an immersive experience. The spontaneity and inspiration drawn from students' energy contribute to a vibrant and engaging class.

Contrastingly, online teaching is portrayed as a potential challenge, where the instructor might feel reduced to a "robotic head in the corner of the screen."The absence of personal connection and spontaneous interaction can lead to distractions, requiring unique strategies to keep participants engaged. Yet, Olivia and Eric acknowledge the evolution of online training, recognizing its growing effectiveness.

Our hosts stress the significance of empowering students with tools for independent practice, understanding that an instructor can't be omnipresent. The podcast advocates for a balanced approach, seamlessly integrating in-person and online elements. By moving certain aspects online, instructors can focus more on practical, hands-on experiences during face-to-face sessions.

What sets this episode apart is the hosts' personal journey with online training. They candidly reflect on initial perceptions of online courses as uninspiring checkboxes. However, they share the positive shift they've witnessed—a move towards engaging, interactive, and mentor-oriented online learning experiences.

Our community's adaptability shines through as the yoga landscape continues to evolve. We're encouraged to embrace the unique advantages of both in-person and online training, recognizing the diverse benefits each platform brings.

If you're interested in online training like this and you are a certified yoga teacher with at least 200 hours of training or more, sign up HERE to get our FREE guide Empowering First Responders through yoga: Your guide to becoming a YFFR Instructor.

If in-person training is still your preference, see us at our next training in D.C.!

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