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Episode 006: Self-Worth and Self-Investment: The Link

In the latest episode of "On Air," hosts Olivia and Eric dive deep into the profound significance of self-care and self-work as essential tools for effectively supporting others. They argue that by placing value on oneself and engaging in necessary internal growth, individuals can not only enhance their self-worth but also genuinely celebrate the successes of those around them. This perspective enables them to dedicate their energy wholeheartedly to serving the public in a meaningful way.

The hosts challenge the conventional definition of self-care, which often revolves around indulgent activities like massages and facials. Instead, they propose a powerful redefinition: "care of self." This new perspective encompasses activities that prioritize personal growth, joy, and sustainability. By taking time to nurture their well-being, individuals can better fulfill their roles as partners, family members, employees, and members of their communities.

The episode emphasizes that neglecting self-work and self-care can be more self-centered than engaging in these practices. It's crucial to recognize that prioritizing physical and mental health is essential for longevity and the ability to be present for loved ones. Even dedicating just 15 minutes a day to self-care can extend one's time on Earth and ensure they are there for those who depend on them.

"To not do self work to not do physical fitness, mental hygiene, is actually more selfish than taking the 15 minutes to do it."

Olivia and Eric share a personal example of how prioritizing their health and wellness is vital for their relationship. Their mission statement places their health above everything else, and they firmly believe that if their partner doesn't resonate with this value, the relationship won't work. Their argument is that by prioritizing their health and wellness, they can show up as better partners.

Furthermore, the hosts cite a quote they recently came across, highlighting that neglecting self-work, including physical fitness and mental hygiene, is more self-centered than taking the time to engage in these practices. They argue that failing to prioritize well-being will shorten one's time on Earth, whereas dedicating just 15 minutes a day to self-care can prolong life and allow individuals to be there for their loved ones.

Acknowledging the societal pressure to prioritize others over oneself, particularly in the context of family obligations, Olivia and Eric challenge this narrative. They advocate for individuals to prioritize their own well-being, believing that by taking care of oneself, individuals can be more present and effective in their roles as parents, partners, and employees.

To make self-care more accessible and integrated into daily life, the hosts suggest incorporating it into existing routines. They propose taking three to five minutes in the morning to engage in simple spinal movements and breathwork while brushing teeth, comparing it to physical and oral hygiene. They acknowledge the barriers individuals face in prioritizing self-care due to ingrained societal norms but argue that this mindset needs to shift for individuals to truly prioritize their well-being.

Are you ready to dive into the transformative world of self-care and self-work? The latest episode of "On Air" by Yoga For First Responders is an inspiring journey into the power of prioritizing yourself to effectively support others. Don't miss out on their invaluable insights. Click the image above to be taken directly to our podcast page and listen now. It's time to embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment!

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