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Year in review - 2020

Updated: March 19, 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone.

Life as we knew it changed and we were all required to adapt in order to survive.

As a society, each day moving further into the unknown of a global pandemic left us no choice but to live in the present moment and accept the immense lack of control. We learned new and creative ways to shift our understanding of "normal" and pivot our ideas.

As the YFFR organization, we knew we had to practice what we preached:

Turning adversity into resilience.

Our 2020 included:

  • Making difficult choices such as cancelling or postponing Instructor Schools

  • Launching a COVID19 support campaign to include 60 days of our on-demand platform and app, Cyber Academy, FREE to everyone

  • Launching YFFR's online course platform, YFFR University, to new trainees

  • Creating a 6-week online course, Online Tactical Resilience Training, currently under a clinical research trial

  • Up-leveling internal operational structures to bring on our first full time and part employees

And even with all the road blocks of 2020, our mission continued:

  • Almost 9,000 first responders and military personnel reached

  • 108 cities

  • 832 in-person classes taught

  • 797 users on Cyber Academy

  • 21,914 on-demand videos watched

Join our MissioN

As a non-profit organization our mission and services heavily rely on personal donations and sponsorship.

Join us in ensuring first responders and military personnel are supported, protected, and prepared through YFFR protocol. Every donation makes a difference as we strive to provide all uniform personnel with traditional yoga training that is culturally informed and job specific for the purposes of effectively processing stress, building resilience, and enhancing performance.

Find out more information about sponsorship, partnership, fundraising, and donor relations.

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