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tactical support for processing stress during covid-19 and beyond




Yoga is proven to process stress and build resilience.

Yoga For First Responders® makes it possible.

YogaShield® Yoga For First Responders® (YFFR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to offer in-person and online yoga classes and training to public safety and military personnel for the purposes of:

Processing Stress. Building Resilience. Enhancing Performance.

Given the current climate of COVID-19, our mission is more important than ever. Because stress is what we train for we are uniquely positioned to offer our expertise during this global time of need.

Sign up by May 31st, 2020 for your 60 days at no cost to you.*


Who is this platform for?

The YogaShield® Cyber Academy can be used by anyone. Our protocol has been tailored and proven successful over several years (since 2013) for firefighters, law enforcement officers, jail-based law enforcement, EMS providers, dispatchers, military personnel and more. Anyone who wants to train to be resilient, ready to perform, and process stress should utilize this platform.

The YogaShield®Cyber Academy was built for this. And now, it's in the palm of your hand.


The YogaShield® Cyber Academy is an easily accessible tool to process stress and build resilience. Cyber Academy offers short, on-demand physical drills, mental training exercises for regulation of the body and nervous system, workshops, tutorials, and more. Videos range from 5-45 minutes, with workshops running up to 90 minutes. This allows you to practice yoga, regulate your nervous system, enhance your focus, or even calm your mind with the push of a few buttons. We also offer audio only versions so you can listen along at home, in the gym, patrol car, or bunk room. 


Why YogaShield® Cyber Academy?

  • Process stress and build resilience through tactical breathwork, physical drills, and neurological reset exercises. This is functional movement and mindfulness training using field-tested methodology.

  • Video and audio selections run from 2 to 90 minutes and everything in between, giving you the power to adapt its use to your schedule.

  • Available on any device (desktop, iPhone and Android app, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku).

  • New content is added bi-weekly, incorporating new instructors and practices to keep your training fresh.

  • YFFR training is specific, distinct, and unparalleled in its design for those on the frontline. Use it to energize and refocus, or reset and recover.

This is our gift to you to get through this trying time. Processing stress and building resilience aren't just nice ideas.....

they're necessary for optimal performance, and they've never been more important. 


How to Access Cyber Academy

  • Use this link to sign up or click the button below, and all fees will be waived for your first 60 days. Two months, at no cost to you.

  • If you represent a department looking to offer this to your entire personnel or agency, please contact to unlock enterprise rates and further cost savings.

  • Download a brief Info Guide HERE with a QR code to the sign-up page. Easily distribute to your network, post on a bulletin board, or share how you see fit.

We are extending this gift to EVERYONE, because we know everyone can benefit from this tool during this critical time.

Sign up by May 31st, 2020 for your 60 days at no cost to you.*

*After 60 days, you may continue to support our mission by subscribing to the full platform at only $7.99/month, or cancel at anytime within your 60 day trial period and continue to use the handful of free resources that we will always have available for you.


Contact Us

For questions, or more information on other YFFR services, email us at

We’re prepared to support you. The YogaShield® Yoga For First Responders® Team

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