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Year in review - 2019

2019 has been a record year for YFFR. We reached over 12,000 first responder participants in our classes and trainings across the country and around the world. We have a presence in 5 countries, 27 states and over 100 cities.

We've been attending conferences, conducting teacher trainings, and supporting first responders all with a majority volunteer-led Operations Team. We are proud to have such a dedicated Ops Team and group of volunteers who spend so much time and energy on this organization, most without receiving any pay.

Yes, YFFR is currently a primarily volunteer-run organization, however, in order for us to be sustainable, scalable, and grow long-term, we hope to bring on part-time and full-time employees as soon as funding will allow.

We need your help to make this goal a reality.

You can directly support YFFR through recurring donations. Click the button on our main page to donate, and know that you are helping to bring YFFR into a more sustainable future. Thank you.

Thank you for a fantastic 2019, and here's to 2020!

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