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Team Member Spotlight: SAMANTHA WINES

Welcome to our our Team Member Spotlights! Our team has been changing and growing this past year, which is why we wanted to re-introduce our team members to you, and give you a closer look at who's behind the wheel here at YFFR. We hope you enjoy this monthly blog series.

samantha wines

Title: program director



As the Program Director, I oversee and support the Program Management Team by ensuring programs are running smoothly nationwide. This includes contacting departments, supporting the Program Managers, working on state Accreditations, etc.


I currently live in Florida with my fiancé Mike.


My side kick is my fiancé Mike; he's my best friend and #1 supporter.


Do you consider yourself a "Yogi"?

Absolutely, yoga saved me from my anxiety and continues to be the most sustainable for my body.

yoga saved me from my anxiety.

Coming from a military family as well as living with a First Responder, I have seen the effects and the aftermath first hand of these professions which helps keep me committed to moving this mission forward.


My favorite Cyber Academy class is the 27 minute Physical Drills with Multiple Breath Techniques.

27 Min Physical Drills

This class will focus on small stabilizing muscles around joints. This class combines physical drills with neurological fitness and cognitive reframing. You will work on the following tactical breath techniques: Alternate Nostril Breathing, Ladder Breath Variations, and Warrior Breath.


Something Unique About Me:

 I lived in India for almost 3 years.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

I don't eat ice cream but I do eat my homemade coconut milk & fresh fruit popsicles.

Currently Watching:

Grey's Anatomy Re-runs, but only when Mike is gone on shift.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Samantha. Stay tuned for our next Team Member Spotlight in February.

- The YFFR Team

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