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Your department needs resilience training, you've developed peer support and wellness committees, but it's time to do more, providing clinically proven proactive tools to process stress reduce post Traumatic stress symptomatology. While not as sexy as a big name speaker we provide your agency with practical tactical tools that your member can use day 1.




Online Tactical Resilience Training is our clinically vetted 6 week program which showed statistically significant reductions in PTS symptomatology and how first responders view stress. this is critical for career longevity and well-being. IF you're looking to "check the box" you may as well make that check mark matter to your personnel. This is a comprehensive program that you can implement today, let's get started.

OnDemand Classes provides your personnel with a class library with over 115 classes of our one of a kind protocol that has been trusted by 10s of thousands of first responders around the country. No local teacher? No problem you can give your personnel this tool within a matter of minutes and the best part? They can use this resource anywhere, anytime. Do your part and give them a wellness resource that has proven benefits today, register your agency now!