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We provide autonomic nervous system training (autonomic fitness) to first responders, medical professionals, and military personnel through a clinically proven protocol that processes stress, builds resilience and enhances performance.

Tactical Training For Stress Management

When Suicides outpace LODDs by 300-400% we aren't doing good enough

Resilience training has become a check the box joke among first responders. Yet there is a tool that is clinically proven to reduce PTSD symptomatology and change the way first responders view the everyday stress of their jobs. Don't let the word yoga get in the way, let us guide you to a successful resilience program for your agency.

What people are saying

When the stakes are high, operating at peak performance increases positive outcomes for first responders. Incorporating the YFFR protocol into a training regimen gives deputies and officers the tools to constructively process stress in real-time, and positions them to improve their recovery from job-related trauma. The YFFR protocol is practical; it can be used in squad cars, shift briefings, or virtually anywhere peak performance is needed by first responders."

-Dustin K, Cpt. Sheriff Dept. (CA)

You know the adverse effects of this career, sleep deprivation, alcohol, divorce.......

We know that you want to do better and be better, not only at work but at home and even when you're alone. It's by no accident that these are the effects from a high cumulative stress load, but we can help alleviate those adverse effects, allowing you to feel whole again. It's time to make the decision to lead by example and give yourself or your agency that clinically vetted resource today! 



With two different training levels, learn YFFR’s unique and effective Protocol for yourself and how to deliver it to your local first responders and military.


In-Service Training

YFFR in-service training has been used by departments and law enforcement agencies to fulfill ongoing training requirements


Training Demo Workshop

Tailored Training Demos are great for agencies or departments evaluating how to officially implement a YFFR program.


Recruit Academies

Official training curriculum for recruit training academies. A YFFR certified Ambassador provides consistent, structured, rigorous academy-style classes


Department Programs

Official training curriculum for active members of fire, police, jail-based law-enforcement, EMS, or dispatch departments.



YFFR certified Ambassadors represent YFFR at events to provide a culturally informed, job-specific introduction to yoga, mindfulness, and resilience, making it clear how YFFR Protocol trains well-rounded, elite and survivable responders who operate at optimal levels of performance when the pressure is on.

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Do you currently have a stress management training system for Reducing Stress, Building Resilience and Enhancing Performance?